My mouth has problems...the year in review.

Yes. This past year has been a doozie, as I have managed to shit-talk my way into some potentially dangerous situations. I have offended those that are somewhat close to me and those that really are assholes. My "ways" have put me on the receiving end of quite a few Facebook/cell phone/email tongue lashings with characters that range from your everyday douche to actual ex-US-trained to kill-servicemen.

"Well, why do you do this John," you ask. I don't really know. I think I use conflict for fuel. I need to feel opposition to drive me. If everything is good and cool, then I become stagnant with fantastic relationships. No drama, just good times.

Although I'm currently dwelling within this session of self-awareness and reflection, I feel fairly justified in my feelings toward those I shit-talk about. A lot of the recipients are offenders themselves. Most times, shit-talk begets shit-talk. Most have egos that are impossible to deal with. (enough with me trying to justify my actions here.)
thee cork of which i spoke.

A few months ago, a friend of mine made a flowchart of Sacramento's comedy scene rivalries. I noticed I and a pair of others were the nucleus of this rediculous, bullshit chart of......truth. It truly made me reflect and question why so many assholes are out to get me. :) It also served as a "John Ross mouth-shaped" cork.

The moral of this story is, that if you hear me talking shit, don't spread it around. Okay? This is also my vow to stop verbalizing (in large groups) my issues with those that behave differently than I like.

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