Inspired by the wrong.

Now, being that I am 33-years young, I tend panic from time to time (every 6-8 weeks) in regards to security, purpose and the pressures of being a provider. My primary concerns usually dance in the realms of, "How can I make a living doing the things I love to do?"

As that question looms over my soul, I always keep an open eye for things that will inspire me to make a way for that to happen.

Recently I heard an interview with Kevin Pollack on some shitty local radio show commenting on how only 4% of Americans are making a living do what they love to do. At first I was depressed, then I was able to use it as a driving force to get more organized and cut out the meaningless shit (angry birds, facebook, this...ect...) from my life that keep me from doing what I want. Thank you Kevin Pollack. I loved you in Willow.

Then, this morning I was listening to a shitty nationally syndicated radio show (I actually like the show) and a caller called in mentioning how happy the show made her and how it started her day out right. Then she went on to say that she was going though radiation for having cancer. I immediately became inspired. Sometimes I wish I could just use reward and passion to cause myself to move, but unfortunately people's lives have to be threatened by deadly disease before I decide to write a joke. I don't need to ask if this is wrong do I?

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