Smile Today, Cry Tomorrow

Ahh, thee eternally feared "just below the eye/upper cheek-bone tattoo." Always small and discreet, forever leaving the passing observer guessing, "Was that the infamous tear tattoo, worn by those in the murderous population?" "Or was it the unassuming star that usually graces the overtly sensitive, barley non-gay, emo boy face skin?

Surprisingly, misjudging either spectrum wouldn't really matter too much, being that I'd never approach either for meaningful conversation. My desire to not speak to either subject has zero to do with any sort of culture based prejudice. And although I may share an appreciation for the other art that has surly invaded their original pigment, (because, who stops/starts at face tats?) I'm 100% sure that any other similarities we may share, are heavily outweighed by my personal discomfort for both fear and annoyance.

I will never be willing to wager small talk with the tear-tattooed person. I'm sure the weather will reveal it's self in due time. And any talk of sports is also out the window, for fear of me making any unintentionally disrespectful comments regarding the Oakland Raiders. My mouth shall remained locked with a key less lock.

As far as the star faced pupil goes, I'll never give a shit about any band that makes you cry in the fetal position. And this coming from a guy who cried at the end of Annie.

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