Logic we can all get behind.

Now that the many droplets of H2O are all up in the guts of NYC, for some reason, the religious fringe feel the need to speculate as to why such things are happening. And usually when such a disaster hits, some sort of socially popular sin is to blame. (Usually anal for some reason.) Pastor John McTernan, is the latest player in the anal blame game.

Questions: One: "Why is God soooooo obsessed with butt-hole affection, enough to make it rain super hard?" Two: "At what level of climate variance does 'weather just being weather' turn into a hard-learned lesson about the woes of same sex wonderment?"

If sin warrants bad weather, how is Germany still above sea level?  Should we consider a stiff breeze a subtle warning against white lies? Is a sunny day a Holy reward for abstaining from sin. If I get a sunburn, should I question my spiritual standing, being that I received a negative affect from the weather?

I find it strange that the same people that believe homosexuality is a sin that is punishable by Hell, also believe that homosexuality is a mental illness. That sort of logic is saying that God will send mentally ill people to Hell. What if you're gay and mentally retarded? They must end up in Hitler Hell. It's just Hitler and the other Nazi's and a bunch of G'tards.

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