One Postmaster's guide to traveling trashed.

So I get to the post office two days ago to fill out all the paperwork for my passport and the clerk behind the counter begins sharing all of his past traveling experiences with me...in great detail.

I kind of feel uncomfortable because there is a line of people waiting behind me and he is loudly going on and on about Amsterdam and France and all of Europe. Meanwhile, I'm trying to give short replies to the mounds of information he is thrusting at me so the folks in line don't get too annoyed. I can't stand the pressure of having people wait in line behind me. I even get uncomfortable at those Redbox movie things. I end up rushing and getting a movie that I don't want, just so they don't have to wait an extra 20 seconds.

Anyhow, as the Postmaster ends telling me of the "precious" time he had in Spain, he begins to talk-up Amsterdam as one of the best places in the world. I made the comment, "Man, that place would get me in trouble," to which he replies, "No it wouldn't man, everything's legal!"

He continues with how he was in a cafe where people were smoking hash and all the money he saved on his own drugs, by just getting contact highs. Also, after his "Everything's legal" comment, he quietly sputtered out, "...we'll except rape and murder." That's about the time I tried to guide the conversation to, "So, where do I need to sign these documents?"

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  1. Anonymous2/09/2011

    I thought rape was legal... I need to call my travel agent.